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Ken Caillat is known to be capable of accomplishing a goal in a timely manner and within budget. He is also a highly disciplined and effective leader who has the uncanny ability to bring production teams through the pressure of a production schedule with grace, dedication and enthusiasm. Ken Caillat holds a BSC from the University of Santa Clara and has been an active member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) for 27 years. He also owns 2 United States Patents, # 5,101,195 & #5,001,466
Ken Caillat Producer

2010 Ken opened a high end affordable 2 room production suite at the Village Recorder in W.L.A. He plans on recording most of his projects there or in Hawaii

August 2009 Ken signed a book deal with Harper Collins to write a book about the making of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. The book is to be released in the spring of 2011.

August 2009 Ken joined the Advisory Board of Cal State University, Channel Islands, Ca,

January 2009 Breakthrough is a Hit! Soon after the Kauai writing sessions ended, it became evident that plans for her record were changing. Colbie had decided to change producers. Ken became one of three producers on her new album and produced 14 of the 19 songs to go on her Deluxe Cd “Breakthrough” to be released August 25, 2009. Her first single, “Fallin' For You” was produced by Ken with Rick Nowles and John Shanks and it was released June 25, 2009 and was the most added song on Hot A/C radio this year. Ken mixed the album along with Ghian Wright of the Village Recorder. Ken did much of the preproduction at his Pro-tool HD home studio. He used some of the best studio musicians to make her record. By the end of June the project was wrapped up and sent off to mastering. Colbie immediately left for her promo tour in Europe. Two weeks after the release of Breakthrough, it was the #1 record in America, according to the Billboard Record Charts.

January 2009 Ken Began Executive producing Colbie Caillat’s second album. Ken created a super writing session in a luxury beach house on Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hi. Colbie invited her closest friends to come and collaborate with her, friends like Jason Mraz, Kara Dioguardi, Jason Reaves and Kurt (one Republic). There they wrote 14 songs, many of which made her new album “Breakthrough”

Nov 2007 - Nov. 2008 Xepa Digital was sold to Iron Mountain. Ken became Studio Manager and designed and built 4 state of the art audio/video preservation studios for Iron Mountain Film/Sound Hollywood Facilities. After completing the building of Xepa Digital Iron Mountain preservation studios, Ken became a consultant for Iron Mountain and returned to production forming Caillat Productions and built a complete audio/video production suite for use in producing a Documentary of his daughter Colbie Caillat musical journey.

2006-Present Ken Caillat worked to develop and promote his daughter, Colbie Caillat’s singing career and became Executive Producer, co-producer, co-mixer for his daughter, Platinum selling album, “Coco” for UMG Music. http://www.colbiecaillatmusic.com/

2003: Ken Caillat formed Xepa Digital, to begin the first exclusive audio preservation company, with partners, Edwin Outwater and Claus Trelby. They began working with clients such as Warner Records, Universal Music, BMG, and Sony. Xepa purchased hard to find and aging tape machine formats. In 2004, Xepa entered the video preservation market with it’s acquiring most of Technicolor’s video equipment. Xepa hired Pat Shevlin, Technicolor’s chief tech also. To Date they have preserved more that 10,000 tapes. http://www.xepadigital.com/

2002: Ken produced and engineered Christine McVie’s solo album, “In the Meantime” in London. The project took 4 months and was Christine’s first album in over 10 years.

1997-2002: Ken founded 5.1 Entertainment Group and Immergent Records (http://www.51entertainmentgroup.com/index.php) where he was president of its production services division. In 1997, with the dawning of DVD Audio, Ken Caillat formed 5.1 Entertainment Group and committed resources to the development of DVD based six-channel music. This foresight, together with a proven track record of excellence, enabled 5.1 Entertainment to position itself at the forefront of the DVD revolution. Today the group consists of six wholly owned subsidiaries that focus their efforts under the divisional activities of production services, record labels, distribution, publishing, and technology development. To date, 5.1 Entertainment has 500 DVD Audio/Video tiles in the market place. In 2002, Ken sold 5.1 Entertainment to his partner, John Trickett. While at 5.1, Ken Caillat helped design and build the first two fully digital state of the art 96k/24 bit 5.1 Production studios in the United States. (http://www.51entertainmentgroup.com/studio/studio-a.html) Ken pioneered restoration and 96k archiving of multi-track master tapes. Ken has mixed over 200 songs in 96k/24bit 5.1 six channel music from original multi-track sources including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Beach Boys, Pat Benetar, Wilson Philips, Fleetwood Mac, Herbie Hancock and Alice Cooper. This wasn’t the first studio that Ken helped to build, in 1979, Ken designed and built Studio ‘D’ at the Village Recorder, a million dollar studio and recorded Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” there.

1989-1997, Ken Caillat co-founder and president of Highway One Media Entertainment, dedicated to create CD-Roms for the new interactive computer media market. Highway One’s clients included Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Warner Records, the Estate of Elvis Presley and Angel/EMI Records. Highway One created over 200 hit CD-Roms of which Ken Caillat was the Executive Producer and Director of over 150, including “Virtual Graceland” an interactive look at Elvis Presley and the Classical Music for Dummies series, “Bonnie Raitt”, and “Yes”. Highway One became 5.1 Entertainment in 1997.

1976-1989 Ken Caillat’s record production and engineering efforts earned him numerous Grammy nominations and include an Album of the Year Grammy and Best Engineered Album Grammy Nomination for Fleetwood Mac – “Rumours”, the third largest selling album of all time. His recordings have sold over 50 million copies and include such stars as Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson to name a few.

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